Bodyguard Duties

The R.E. Provincial Prior's Bodyguard fulfill a ceremonial role, providing him with a Guard of Honour on his visits to Preceptories throughout the Province and periodically to neighbouring Provinces. The highlight of the Bodyguard year is at the annual Provincial meeting in Selby Abbey, when their ceremonial talents are on display to all. They form the Arch of Steel for visiting dignitaries as well as our own Rt. E. Provincial Prior and his officers. They provide an escort for each banner bearer as the banners of all of our Preceptories in the Province are paraded through the Abbey at the start of the the Provincial Church service. Following on from this they provide an escort for Eminent Knights receiving a Provincial Office, whether active or past rank.

The R.E. Provincial Prior's Bodyguard on Parade in Selby Abbey 2014

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During the course of the Provincial year each Knight will be expected to accompany the R.E.Provincial Prior or Sub-Prior a minimum of eight times, this will obviously entail some travel about the Province. The Bodyguard have their own Preceptory, The Servitas Preceptory 608 which Bodyguard members are encouraged to join. They also have an annual dinner on the fourth Saturday in June each year at which the R.E.Provincial Prior and his Lady are the guests of honour.
Being a member of the Bodyguard brings a brother knight into contact with other like minded knights who not only enjoy the ceremonial aspects of the K.T. Order but also the opportunity of making close friendships with their peers. If you are of smart appearance, military bearing, have some spare time and enjoy an active part in ceremonial activity, then membership of the Provincial Prior's Bodyguard may appeal to you. Membership is subject to the personal invitation of the R.E Provincial Prior. Potential members should in the first instance contact the Bodyguard Registrar

"AYE" Swearing Fielty 2014

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