How do I become a member of the order?

Membership of the order is open to Craft Freemasons who who are of a Trinitarian Christian faith and who are also Chapter masons. The reasons for this requirement are historical and further details about this can be found on the website under the history of the order. For anyone who meets these requirements, applications for membership, or requests for information may be made in the first instance to the local Preceptory "Registrar" who deals with the secretarial issues in a Preceptory, or alternatively by using the "Contacts" form on this site. A map showing our meeting places follows and full address details and local contacts are listed under "Preceptories in the Province"

We pride ourselves on our friendly and open approach to meetings, and it is often commented amongst members that this is their favourite Order in freemasonry.

Further details on Freemasonry in general and in the geographical area of North or East Yorkshire can be found at